Meet Our Team



Scot began as a union carpenter apprentice during the 1980’s. A few years later Scot teamed up with his younger brother Tim, and founded Runyan Brothers Construction in 1990. In 1992 Scot took over RBC as its sole owner and incorporated in 2000. In 2011 Runyan Brothers regained that missing piece of the family puzzle when his youngest son Evan was hired on full time. Just two years later Scot recruited his oldest son Jared to run his office and together they finally put the ‘Brothers’ back into Runyan Brothers Construction. Working alongside his two sons everyday gives Scot the enjoyment that few fathers get to experience.

Even though Scot is the President of RBC, it’s not unusual to find him at the job site, hammer in hand, framing or doing trim work with the rest of the crew. He has earned respect as a builder, and working in the field on every project is one of the many keys to his success. A rock solid reputation throughout the community from working in the Howell area for over 25 years is just one of the achievements Scot has to hang his hat on.

Scot is an avid hunter and enjoys spending time with his family. During the summer he likes to relax in his back yard, grilling and hosting neighborhood pool parties. He also enjoys riding his Harley, playing cards and attending Michigan State football games.



Evan is no stranger to the job site, a lifelong resident of Howell, Evan has been around the construction business his entire life and on the job site since 2001, working next to Dad on one of the four custom log homes Runyan Brothers has built.

What started as father son bonding time has evolved into a full time career that blossomed after he graduated from Howell High school in 2011, when he joined the RBC crew full time. In the past four years Evan has gained industry knowledge by using his hands on skills as a carpenter and can be found in the field working with the guys on every job. When Evan is not swinging hammer, you can often spot him on his Harley cruising the back roads.




Jared did not always have the family business in mind. He worked for RBC during the summers but after graduating from Howell High School in 2007 he attended Western Michigan University and graduated in the 2011 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. After college, Jared moved back home where he worked in the mortgage business for two years. It wasn’t until Scot called to recruit him that he joined Scot and Evan in the workforce.

Jared runs the office, sending bids and paying bills, but he also works in the field on larger projects like new homes and sizable additions and garages. Being versatile is very important in accomplishing his daily tasks, from interacting with clients, to hanging siding, Jared has to be ready for whatever the day may hold.

Along with managing the office and his occasional work in the field, he is also responsible for most of the comedic relief around Runyan Brothers. He is always good for a laugh, and keeps a smile on everyone’s face. Much like Scot and Evan, he too enjoys spending some seat time on the Harley.