New Homes

Although our spectrum of work is very broad, we have always focused on custom building new homes. Starting back in the early 90’s up until now you can find custom RBC homes all over Howell and the surrounding area. Our ability to oversee and have our hand in on every aspect of the process is something we pride ourselves on. Working side by side with the trades Scot and his crew can assure everything goes to plan.

Unlike cheap giveaway t-shirts, when building a new home, one size does not fit all. We build our homes to custom fit our client’s needs and we have solutions for budgets of all ranges. Bring us anything from notes on a napkin to an engineered blueprint and we can make the necessary adjustments to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a country style ranch, a classic colonial, or a rustic log home, we will always be here serving our clients, our community, and building your dreams.